About ACK

Concrete expertise at the service of the populations of developing countries

ACK International mobilises high-level skills in the field of development cooperation. Our company is based on mutual trust between management and employees, on the autonomy and initiative of each, and on collaborative, horizontal and transparent management. We give priority to making the most of our internal resources, while mobilising a network of trusted expert collaborators in the North and South. Employees have access to all financial information and benefit from profit sharing in the form of a margin on each market where their CV is selected. Transparency and communication are essential to maintain this trust.

Key figures

ACK International has...

8 years

of expertise in development cooperation. 

30 countries

of operation around the world.

115 projects

implemented in various areas of expertise.

40 clients

and international funders.

1 euros
in turnover (2019-2021)
0 employees
working remotely
0 high-level
international experts
0 network
of trusted partners in the South

Our special features

Remote support, North-South and South-South collaboration and quality assurance are at the heart of our approach

In a world facing health, security and climate crises, where it is our responsibility to minimise daily transport as well as international flights, it is obvious that we need to adapt the way we work. In order to ease coordination and teamwork, ACK uses participative work tools such as Google Drive interfaces (virtual library with secure and restricted access), web conferencing and dialogue tools to facilitate information sharing and exchanges. For all of our services, we set up two levels of quality assurance: normal quality control, carried out directly by the head of mission in the execution of his service, and reinforced control applied to certain key services. At ACK International, we believe that it is now essential to no longer limit ourselves to producing disconnected international expertise. It is now a matter of collaborating, exchanging, training and working with national expertise in each country to help build resilience at national and regional levels. We also aim to make the most of the experience of the countries of the South for the benefit of the countries of the North, particularly in terms of adaptation to climate change and response to crises. We have everything to gain from mutual learning.