Mission and vision

ACK International is a consultancy and technical assistance company, with French SAS status, founded in December 2015 under the leadership of Claude Mauret, based on his experience of over twenty years in development cooperation.  

Our missions


The objective of ACK International is:


« To create and develop a company acting for people in developing countries, that is financially viable, develops moral and ethical values and creates added value and jobs ». 

With a solid experience in developing countries, ACK International supports and advises the implementation of projects in many sectors of activity, through five main areas of expertise.

Depuis sa création, la société a accompagné plus de 100 projets pour une quarantaine de clients différents : agences d’aide au développement gouvernementales, organisations multilatérales, ONGs et bureaux d’études. 

Our vision

Professionalism and competence

ACK International's primary objective is to provide high quality, expert consulting and engineering services that add value to our clients.

To achieve this, we ensure the commitment, motivation and competence of our staff and their ability to understand the client's needs and expectations.  

Integrity, ethics, and transparency

ACK International's values are based on credibility and integrity. Any actions that put these values at risk are unacceptable. We are guided by the standards of FIDIC (International Federation of Consulting Engineers) which recognises that the work of the consulting engineering industry is essential to the achievement of sustainable development of society and the environment. Our company is committed to a code of ethics that includes partnering with professionals in the South and fighting corruption.

Reactivity and respect for deadlines

Thanks to the flexibility of our organisation and the cohesion of our team, we can respond quickly and efficiently to our clients. Our management model combined with the use of online collaborative tools allows us to be responsive and meet deadlines. 

Quality and accountability

In order to meet our clients' requirements, two levels of quality assurance are performed during the implementation of services: routine control and reinforced control, applied to certain key services. 

Remote working and carbon reduction

One of the pillars of ACK International's management model is remote working. This modality allows our teams to work from a distance in the implementation of high quality engineering-consulting services. It is especially based on our desire to have as low a carbon footprint as possible.

Thanks to adapted tools (dedicated server, file sharing, videoconferencing, etc.), ACK International is able to operate remotely under optimal conditions. In this way, our company wishes to limit the "carbon vulnerability" of its activities, particularly linked to the need to carry out missions in the field, throughout the world.

Code of ethics

ACK International's code of ethics is based on the following values: 

  • Fight against corruption 
  • Partnership with professionals from the South 
  • Constructive spirit and independence of opinion 
  • Respect for employees  
  • Honesty, fairness, and transparency 
  • Sincerity and reliability 
  • Loyalty to the company, especially by avoiding conflicts of interest 
  • Spirit of solidarity 
  • Permanent concern for quality and sustainable development